Browsing around on the media, looking at medical studies and other resources to see what is of help to teenagers what truly annoys me is that there is a lot of brouhaha about teenagers drinking. Yes, teenage drinking is bad. It can among other things damage your brain which is not fully developed until you are well into your 20s. 

But what about teenagers who live in a home where there is parental drinking issues? How about talking about the available resources for them!  

But you all can take action. You have heard me before praise Alateen. 

This is how they describe themselves: “Alateen meetings in the Mobile App are for young people aged 13 to 18who have been affected by someone else’s drinking. We are invited to share experience, strength, and hope with other teens.” 

Everything is anonymous. So go for it. Also check out if there is a group in your area. If not check out if any of the kids on the Mobile App are from your area. Get in touch with your local Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon to see if they can help you organize a local Alateen. In the meantime do the Mobile App.    

If you want to join your ethnic group google to see if there is one available. If you are an American Native put in your tribe’s name and put Alateen with it. Latino? Asian? Go for it. 

The book For Teenagers Living With A Parent Who Abuses Alcohol/Drugs  has a chapter titled “Internet and Helpful 800 Numbers” which will direct you to more resources. As a library card member you have the right to ask your library to buy the book so that you can take it out or read it in the library. You may want to google the resources mentioned because as I am writing this some may change their phone numbers or website address.  

Be good to yourself. Check out what is there for you.