Teen Sites

Advice For All Ages – http://www.adviceforallages.org
Adviceforallages.org and its team have been providing Advice on a large variety of subjects since 1997 such as and not limited to Sex, Sexuality, Substance Abuse, Love, Relationships, Friendships, Divorce, Depression, and/or Family problems.

*For Kids and Teens – http://www.baltimorepsych.com/Kids_Pages.htm
Articles written for children and adolescents on topics such as anxiety, phobias, hidden disabilities, grief, and parental depression.

*Mission Science – http://www.missionscience.nasa.gov

*Teen Parent Connection – http://www.teenparentconnection.org

*Your Teen – http://www.yourteen.com
Includes teen articles about difficult subjects, help from a 15 year experienced counselor for adolescents, and a forum.