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Bullies Will Always Find Something To Bully

According so SAMHSA right now there is a lot of faith based bullying in schools.

How can you help yourself if you are in such a situation? Let the school know – the principal’s office, the counselor and if you are not getting any help talk to the head of your church, mosque or synagogue. You may also want to visit You may want to share this web site with your principal’s office. Ask if you may email the link to his/her office.

Be good to yourself. Remember you are not alone.


That’s right – it stands for Toxic Abusive Relationships. Just go to IN THE ROOMS sent the link to all followers. This time they are appealing to all men to listen to how to help themselves. It seems men are shy about seeking help.

Girls , gals abuse is abuse whether it is happening to men or women so you listen too.

Don’t stand for abuse. Those of you who live with parents suffering with addiction remember when they are abusive when under the influence they are at that moment not the parents they could be. Always have a safe place to where you can escape be it family or good friends. If need be phone 911. If you don’t have an Alateen near you find one on line. You can always phone the Alcoholics Anonymous office for advice. Be ready. Be good to yourself. Take action.

If you are in a TAR love relationship ask yourself if that is all you are used to, are you copying what you might have seen at home? Seek out a counselor. Help is available. Keep asking questions. Go to your local counseling center. Open up about your problems and what you can afford to pay. You can also reach out to SAMHSA.


Every year we disuss how important it is to make a plan. Do you want to take courses to strengthen your chances to go to college? Do you have a specific career in mind such as construction, cabinet builder, taxi driver, truck driver, physician assistant? Discuss your idea with people who are already working in that field. Perhaps take a summer job as a worker in that field.

If you have reached your legal age and you are no longer in the foster system you may want to find support of others who are in the same position. Nobody is going to find you. You need to reach out. Be good to yourself search for organized groups. Perhaps you can all rent an apartment together. Each State has different organizations. Just ask and ask. Here are some leads.

The national network for youth in foster care

620 S. Holladay Dr. Ste. 1

Seaside, OR 97138


Like to take photographs? Enjoy painting and drawing? SAMHSA just released this news:

SAMHSA Announces Art of Recovery Project, Highlighting Role of Artistic Creativity in Mental Health and Substance Use RecoveryToday, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is launching the 2024 Art of Recovery project. This initiative highlights the impact of art on mental health and substance use recovery, showcasing how creative expression can serve as a pathway to solace, healing, and empowerment. The project solicits submissions, including artwork and a brief description of the artist’s inspiration, from artists with lived or living recovery experience.“We invite people with lived experience to submit photographs, paintings, drawings, or mixed media artwork that is meaningful to them and their journey,” said Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon, Ph.D., HHS Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use and the leader of SAMHSA. “While the process of creation has long been recognized as a therapeutic tool, it can also serve to inspire others. The Art of Recovery project works to raise the voices of people with lived experience and illustrate the possibilities in recovery, hope, and healing.”Submissions are open May 7 to June 28, with categories for youth 13-17 and adults 18+. Artists may submit in two categories: painting, drawing or mixed media, and photography.
If you have trouble reaching the site copy/paste the underlined heading onto google. Go for it.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Tips and Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month (May is mental health month. Remember you are not alone. Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer )

By: Anita Everett, M.D. DFAPA, Director of the Center for Mental Health Servic

It’s May, so just checking in… “How is everybody doing?”

In case you missed it, Sesame Street’s lovable Elmo posed that very question on social media earlier this year – and the responses came flooding in. From relationship problems to financial troubles, and feelings of exhaustion, angst, loneliness, and disconnection, people shared their struggles. At last count, Elmo’s post had garnered more than 217 million views, 15,000 reposts, 165,000 likes, and 45,000 responses on one social media platform alone. What this helps reveal is that many of us are NOT okay – and it’s important to acknowledge and address that, and make sure people know that help is available. SAMHSA has several supports and resources that can help.

(Remember SAMHSA stands for SUBSTANCE ABUSE MENTAL HEALTH ADMINISTARATION. If you google them you will get the latest updates. Join a group on line or in your community who is dealing with same issues as you.)

Info For You

If you are in high school, college or just taking random courses you may want to know about Association of Recovery in Higher Education. As you know addiction usually runs in families. But you do not have to be an addiction victim. You can be boss of your life. ARHE knows how to help those who have lived with a parent suffering with addiction and young people who may be suffering with addiction. Even better you’ll meet fellow students who have the same problems as you. Get in touch with ARHE. Email your questions to or visit their site at Be good to yourself. Take action.

Love Bombed?

Dating? Right from the first you are bombarded with compliments, gifts etc. Beware – it may be the beginning of TAR (Toxic Abusive Relationship) What better way to get you into a controlling relationship! Visit and also

Be good to yourself.

Are You In An Abusive Relationship?

Yes, it can happen when you are dating! You think it’s romantic, part of dating – when it doesn’t seem right – the shouting, the threat of hitting or even hitting, the not caring about your needs. Feel confused? Go to – you’ll get the answers you need to your questions. Be good to yourself. Take care of yourself.


– That’s what Dr. Michael D. Yapko, a clinical psychologist says. And it makes a lot of  sense. After all you and only you  determine your future. Have problems with depression, getting ahead in school, worried about the drinking/drugs in your family? Change that worry to action to help you. Listen to . It will change your life.