The Statistics are out. The pandemic has made life harder.

The pandemic has made some parents lose jobs, not be able to pay bills, or feel locked up, miss going out, all resulting in more drinking, more drugs, shouting, unkindness and in some cases hitting. What can you do about this? Number one is do not go through this alone. Get in touch with Ala-teen and share your problems. Remember all is anonymous and on line so what you say will stay in the group. Remember all are in the same boat as you. Do you have a favorite counselor or teacher in school? A good friend in school? Are you vaccinated? In that case you might find a place to stay with a relative, a good neighbor, anyone with whom you have stayed previously. Take a Covid test before you ask to be taken in to make sure that you do not have the virus and will keep the family safe. If you decide to move in with appropriate friends remember to leave a note on your pillow telling your family where you are. If they phone demanding that you come home tell them, “I am safe where I am. I don’t feel safe at home. I will stay in touch with you.” Only go if you have a safe place to stay. If you do stay home and your parents are not kind to you remember that life it too hard for them. You might say, ” I am your son/daughter and I love you.”