A Few Words

I just looked at the last few blogs where I wrote telling you to be careful during the holidays. But you know what? You need to be careful all the time, protective of yourself. So read those blogs again.

Right now lets talk high school and also if you are out of high school. What I am getting at is careers. Ask yourself what work would you like to do if you could do anything you wanted. Do you like working with your hands, like expressing yourself, like working with children, like teaching? Let these thoughts flow. Never graduated high school. Never mind let these thoughts still flow. You can always get a high school equivalency degree. Go to the library and ask to see information on the career you picked. Find an expert who can help you. There are today agencies geared to help your ethnic group. Google for example, Blacks who want to be engineers, or Latinos who want to go into medicine. Ask your librarian to help you find agencies who will help you. There are groups in the various religious groups, groups in your nationality. Be proactive.  Ask, ask, ask.