Lets talk sex

Yes, sex is romantic. It is exciting. It can make us feel wanted and some of us powerful. And you know what it really is – a big responsibility.  Not only our emotions are involved but also those of the persons with whom we are involved. Each community has different resources for teenagers. Some schools have sex education. Some towns have Planned Parenthood chapters where there are counselors ready to talk about contraceptives, or if you happen to be a pregnant girl the choices available. Some towns’ only resources are the local churches which may expect you to wait until you are married. And if you say, “so I’ll get married as a teen,” do you have the financial means of establishing a home? What I am saying here is before you decide to have sex take a look at your situation. If your actions lead to pregnancy what support would you have from your families? Would you end up in an unwanted marriage? Do you live in a town or city where you have access to contraceptives? How important is your religion to you?  Do you want to go on to college or study for a particular profession? Do you know enough about contraceptives or the diseases you can get if you have sex without protection? With whom can you talk? Do you want anonymity? Are you in a town with no resources such as Planned Parenthood or a minister or priest who you could trust? Is there a town near you where you could reach out for more information? Talk to your parents. If they are horrified find someone you can trust. Remember sex is a responsibility.